The Living Water

Let heaven and earth radiantly rejoice today, for Christ hath appeared as a man in the flesh, that He might deliver from the curse the whole race of Adam; and when he came to Samaria, He was made wondrous by wonders. He Who is compassed about by the waters of the clouds standeth nigh unto a woman and seeketh water. Wherefore, let all us the faithful worship Him, Who of His own will became poor for our sake in His compassionate counsel.

Thus saith the Lord unto the woman of Samaria: If thou knewest the gift of God, and Who it is that saith to thee: Give Me water to drink, thou wouldst have asked Him, and He would have given thee to drink, that thou mightest never thirst unto eternity, saith the Lord.

The Well-spring of the principle of life, Jesus, our Saviour, came to the well of the Patriarch Jacob, and sought water from a Samaritan woman that He might drink. And when she addressed Him and said that the Jews had no dealings with the Samaritans, the wise Creator diverted her by the sweetness of His words rather to seek of Him the everlasting water, which, when she received it, she proclaimed to all, saying: Come and see the Knower of things hidden, God Who is come in the flesh to save man.

Stichera of the Samaritan Woman
Matins of Sunday of the Samaritan Woman