The world is turned upside down

Death itself was invaded and conquered by Life, in that God Himself entered death and He sanctified it, abolishing it not just for Himself, but for all in His glorious grace. The Law of Moses, particularly the ritual law entailing separation between the holy and unholy, between life and death metaphorically and literally, was then also abolished, through the change of everything in death by Christ our God. With death sanctified by the presence of God within its boundaries, a Presence that it was by nature utterly incapable of holding, death itself was healed, and no longer separate from God. The Law collapses at this indistinction between life and death, and the ritual requirements can no longer hold, when the basis of their distinctive separation between life and death has been overturned. The Holy entered death, that we might enter life. The world is turned upside down, in glory to God. Death, formerly everlasting, is now temporary, while life, formerly temporary, will be everlasting.

We have received this promise: He will come, and when He has granted us everlasting life, death’s last victim will be death itself, and everything will be made anew.

Christ is risen! Truly He is risen! Glory to His third day resurrection!

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