The Good Samaritan

I went down from Jerusalem, slipping away from the commandments which Thou hast written there for all the nations; and I journeyed to Jericho, yielding to my lusts like the dwellers there of old, whom Thou gavest to be slaughtered by Thy people because of their sins. Through my disobedience I fell into soul-destroying passions as though into the hands of thieves; beating me, they left me almost dead. O Lord, who for the sins of men willingly wast wounded in Thy body by the nails and the spear, who hast brought to pass the salvation of us all through the Cross in Jerusalem, heal me and save me.

From the Eastern Orthodox Vespers service for Tuesday in the Fifth Week of Lent, Tone Eight. Text from The Lenten Triodion Supplementary Texts (Monastery of the Veil of the Mother of God, 1979).

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