Words of Hope in God

Let him who reads the Bible know that the letter is the body that contains the spirit. Without the letter, which is the body, the spirit cannot be understood. But if, while reading the letter you cannot attain to its spirit, then pray, saying: “Our Father, who art in heaven, give us this day our daily bread.” Pray until you understand, and when you do, go to the Fathers and ancients to see whether it is the Spirit of God or no, and do not preach it until you have so proved it. Remember how deserving of awe is the Divine Word you receive in Holy Communion. If a particle falls from the priest’s hands, all present are thunderstruck, and give place that the Divine particle may be searched for and restored to the paten, for the Eucharist is the Body of Christ. “Eucharist” signifies grace, and the Gospel is also called grace. Thus, though you understand the Gospel, you may have let fall some particle, and you must ask God to show it to you.

Saint Speraindeo, Abbot and Martyr from among the Mozarabic Christians, teacher to St Eulogius. Justo Perez de Urbel, A Saint Under Moslem Rule, translated from the Spanish by a Benedictine of Stanbrook Abbey, Worcester England (Milwaukee: Bruce Publishing Company, 1937), pp 51-52.