Biblical Studies Carnival VIII

Welcome to the Biblical Studies Carnival VIII !

As the month of August was named for the first Augustus, so this Biblical Studies Carnival, covering July 2006 but being posted on the first day of August, is dedicated to the last Augustus: Saint Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos Dragazes (9 Feb 1404 – 29 May 1453), who ruled in Constantinople from January 1449 until his death defending the walls of that city, the “City of Churches,” capital of the Roman Empire and of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, on the day it was taken by the Turks.

Though it seemed earlier that we’d have slim pickings for this carnival, many bloggers being on vacation or taking well-deserved and refreshing breaks, it has turned out to be quite a busy month! So we’ve been treated to a number of excellent posts, and I’ve had to keep my commentary to a minimum, which I’m sure you’re all as distraught over as I am…. Anyhow, here we go!

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