Biblical Studies Carnival VIII Nominations

There’s only a week left now until the next thrilling installment of the Biblical Studies Carnival, to be hosted here at biblicalia. If folks have any nominations (I’ve gotten quite a number of them already, for which I’m grateful to all the senders), keep them coming, even if you think they might be duplicates. This one’s turning out to be quite big already. It seems the summer lull is over! People have been churning out intersting posts, and there have been a number of new blogs appearing in the last few weeks.

Tyler Williams of Codex, the uber-host for the carnival, or facilitator thereof, or its Man Friday, the Living Horus of the BS Carnival, or whatever title he prefers, has a very helpful post with links to the handy nomination form page, or if you prefer, an email address to which you may write directly. You can also just write directly to me. Using the nomination for or email is better than leaving a comment, because publicly readable comments spoil the surprise!

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