Victorinus Complete

Well, that was fun!

I’ve created a page to hold the complete translation of Victorinus. I’ll be adding a short introduction and notes which will include Biblical references, the translation variants that are currently in the text, and perhaps commentary on a few tricky passages. I’ve also kept a short list of renderings that I’ve been unhappy with, so even the translation itself will likely change in a few places over the course of the next few days.

The web page is now to be considered the “official” version, and I won’t be updating the individually posted chapters unless I find some errors. I will, however, be adding to each of those posts a link to the web page, which is the most efficient way of making sure that folks find their way there to the complete work. Enjoy!

Victorinus: In Apocalypsin (Ending of Jerome)

[1] For I have not considered the kingdom of the thousand years to be earthly: for, if it is being perceived thus, at the completion of the thousand years they cease to reign. But I will offer as my capacity for understanding has perceived. The number ten signifies the Decalogue, and one hundred shows the crown of virginity. For he who has preserved entire his resolution for virginity, and faithfully fulfilled the precepts of the Decalogue, and has overcome impure actions and impure thoughts among the chambers of the heart so that they do not rule him, this is truly a priest of Christ and entirely completes the millenary number, believed to rule with Christ, and rightly with Him the devil is bound. He who has been ensnared in the errors and dogmas of the heretics, in him the devil is released. But because he says he will be released at the completion of the thousand years, at the completion of the number of the perfect saints, in the bodies and hearts of whom virginity reigns, with the arrival of the coming of the hating one, many will be overthrown by him, seduced by earthly loves, and will likewise enter the lake with him. And after a little while, the ground returns the bodies of the saints which shortly before were resting: he shows that those receiving, with the eternal King, the immortal kingdom, which is not by virginity of the body alone, but also of language and thought, will rejoice with the Lamb.

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