1 Clement 59-65

(59.1) But if anyone disobeys those things spoken by Him through us, let them know that they involve themselves in falling away, and not a little danger.

(59.2) But we will be innocent of this sin, and ask in earnest request, and make supplication, so that He, the Creator of all, might protect unbroken the counted number of His chosen ones in all of the world, through His beloved Son Jesus Christ, through whom He called us from darkness into light, from ignorance into knowledge of the glory of His Name.

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Biblical Studies Carnival VI

Better late than never! Though I’d of course read the thing, I forgot to link to it! Granted, I’ve been busy and let myself get distracted….

Head on over to Benjamin Myer’s very fine blog Faith and Theology to view the Sixth Biblical Studies Carnival, covering stuff from May 2006.

If you run into things during June that you think should be included in the Biblical Studies Carnival, you can send submissions through this page. Joe Cathey, currently at Tel Gezer, will be taking care of this month. I’ll be covering July.