1 Clement 4-6

(4.1) For as it is written, “And it happened after some days, that Kain brought a sacrifice to God from the fruits of the earth, and Abel also brought (a sacrifice), from the firstborn of the flocks, and from their fat.

(4.2) “And God looked with favor on Abel and on his gifts; He did not look with favor on Kain and on his sacrifices.

(4.3) “And Kain was greatly grieved and his face fell.

(4.4) “And God said to Kain, ‘Why are you sad, and why has your face fallen? If you offered rightly, but did not divide rightly, have you not sinned?

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1 Clement 1-3

Here are the first three chapters of 1 Clement, which I’ve just translated. My original intent was just to rewrite the ANF/NPNF series versions in more modern English, but a fresh translation is how it’s turning out. I’m trying to maintain the rhetorical tricks in English that are found in the Greek original, where they’re not too un-English. The result is coming along nicely, I think. I’d like to know what you think, dear readers!

(1.1) The Church of God sojourning at Rome, to the Church of God sojourning at Corinth, those called and made holy through the will of God, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Grace and peace to you be multiplied from Almighty God through Jesus Christ.

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