The True Gospel of Judas

Ungrateful and envious in his wickedness, wretched Judas calculates the value of the gift worthy of God, whereby the woman gained release from the debt of her sins, and he trafficks in the grace of divine love. Spare our souls, O Christ our God, and save us.

Judas goes to the lawless rulers and says: ‘What will ye give me, if I deliver to you Christ whom ye seek?’ And so in exchange for money he rejects fellowship with Christ. Spare our souls, O Christ our God, and save us.

Unrelenting in blind avarice, how hast thou forgotten what Christ taught thee, that thy soul is more in value than the whole world! For in despair, O traitor, thou has hanged thyself. Spare our souls, O Christ our God, and save us.

St. Kosmas, Canticle Nine. Matins for Wednesday in Holy Week. The Lenten Triodion.

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  1. For some reason, I like this better than the gnostic version. I think it is mainly because St. Kosmas sees the potential for all of us to do the same thing Judas did. Actually, I think we all have at one time or another sold out Christ for cash or material benefits.


  2. James, I agree. Materialism seeps. It’s so taken for granted. Even all this internet crap is a distraction from the important things. One of the things I’ll be doing after this week is a permanent limitation on internet time. I want to get back to my patristic translating and studies, especially. I’ve got a translation of St. Victorinus of Pettavium’s commentary on the Apocalypse, the first complete one preserved and the first known in Latin, that I’ve had sitting at about 3/4 finished for way too long now. My work on the Apostolic Constitutions has also been sidetracked, as well as my general reading and studying time. This ludicrous internetting takes too much time and attention.

    Anyhow, I also wanted to share this communion prayer which came to mind while I was typing the above. It’s one of several found in both the Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil:
    “Receive me today, O Son of God, as a partaker of Thy mystical Supper. I will not reveal Thy mystery to Thine adversaries, nor shall I give Thee a kiss as did Judas. But as the thief I confess to Thee: Lord, remember me in Thy kingdom.”

    And, as an extra bonus for you, Mr. Spinti, there’s this post-communion prayer, my favorite, from St Symeon Metaphrastes: “O Thou who didst gladly give me Thy flesh for nourishment; who art fire to consume the unworthy: Burn me not, O my Creator, but search out my members. Quicken my reins and my heart. Let Thy flames devour the thorns of all my transgressions. Purify my soul. Sanctify my thoughts. Knit firm my bones. Enlighten my senses. Pierce me with Thy fear. Be Thou my continual shield. Watch over and preserve me from every word and deed that corrupt the soul. Purge me and wash me clean and adorn me. Order my ways, give me understanding and enlighten me. Make me the temple of Thy Holy Spirit, and no more the habitation of sin, that as from fire all evil, every passion, may flee from me, who through Holy Communion am become a place for Thy dwelling. I bring unto Thee all the saints to make intercession: The ranks of the heavenly hosts; Thy forerunner; the wise Apostles; and withal Thy pure and holy Mother. Their prayers receive, O merciful Christ, and make Thy servant a child of light. For Thou art our hallowing, Thou only art the brightness of our souls, O gracious Lord: And we rightly give glory to Thee, our Lord and our God, All the days of our life.”

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