The Uncertain Path

Journeying upon the uncertain path of life, I have fallen among thieves, and am despoiled by my own thoughts; my wounds stink and are corrupt. O Physician of the sick, at the prayers of all Thy saints give me Thine hand.

The waves of grievous sin confuse my understanding; save me, O Jesus, as once Thou hast saved Peter, for I sing to Thee: O all ye works, bless ye and praise ye the Lord.

Let us kill the passions by abstinence, and through fasting let us make our spirit mount on wings to heaven; and let us cry with contrite hearts: We have sinned against Thee, O God; in Thy compassion forgive us.

Canticle Eight, Monday in the Second Week of the Great Fast. Text from Mother Mary and Archimandrite [now Bishop] Kallistos Ware, The Lenten Triodion: Supplementary Texts. Bussey-en-Othe: Monastery of the Veil of the Mother of God, 1979.

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