Biblical Studies Carnival II at Codex

Tyler Williams has posted the Biblical Studies Carnival II at his Codex blog, and it’s full of great stuff. There’s even an inclusion of some posts from yours truly. Swell! But there’re so many interesting posts and series of posts listed there that you just have to go see for yourself.

Hopefully folks can all also take part in ensuring that the Biblical Studies Carnival happens monthly by volunteering! I suggest an addition to “netiquette”: if you’re included in a Carnival, you should volunteer to host one in the future. It’d be unfair to load such work on one person (namely Tyler) all the time when so many are tacitly involved already through the inclusion of their posts, and probably a number more through having recommended posts for inclusion.

In any case, head over to Codex, read, learn, and enjoy! And if you feel up to it, head over to the Biblical Studies Carnival site and volunteer to host a future carnival, too.

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