Book-related Email Lists

There are a number of various quite interesting email lists out there covering many various subjects, as I’m sure you’re all aware. I’d like to mention a few that are directly related to books.

Everyone with interests like those shared in this blog should receive the Eisenbrauns Book News newsletter, which you sign up for here. Each newsletter lists a number of items on sale, new books arrived, and reminders of sales in progress. It’s very helpful and quite civilized! Every bookstore should do this.

Dove Booksellers also has a list, which you can sign up for here. Like Eisenbrauns, there are a number of sales which come up, and Dove also manages to come into possession of various scholarly libraries, so you might find some really excellent used items, too.

A catalogue that is only in paper format still, but which I feel compelled to mention, is one that I always enjoy receiving. It’s from Eighth Day Books, and you can sign up for it here. Theirs is an “eclectic but orthodox” bookstore, with a wide range of excellent Christian books. See their own description for further details, including the reference in the name.

Lastly, another list that doesn’t directly deal with the purchase of books, but which can certainly have an effect on which books you’ll buy, is the Review of Biblical Literature Newsletter. Instructions for subscribing are here. The newsletter includes links whenever there’s a batch of new reviews posted to the RBL site. I’d much rather have people informed about this newsletter rather than post all or some of the links to the reviews here on the blog. In addition to the fact that it seems twenty other guys are doing exactly the same thing in posting such, it’s become not only simply unoriginal, but tedious.

So, if you aren’t receiving these, go sign up for them all! You won’t regret it.

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