New biblicalia email list

To shamelessly extend my brand and further advance my plans for world domination:

Designed to work in rather free interaction with this biblicalia blog, I have finally, belatedly, created the biblicalia email list, which you may join here. To join this moderated email list, you’ll need to set up a Yahoo! account here, if you don’t have one already. (It may take a day or two for me to work out the kinks, so please bear with me initially.)

If you’re enjoying this blog’s presentation of materials, please consider this my personal invitation to you to join the email list. I don’t intend to double-post (i.e., post my blog entries to the list and vice versa) but would like the email list to provide a more comfortable and less awkward format for commenting on posts at biblicalia and at other blogs. It is especially, however, intended for folks to bring up and discuss new issues and topics perhaps not touched on by any blogs.

The biblicalia list answers a certain need. One of the most immediate and apparent benefits of this email list is that it is also intended as somewhat of a port of safe haven for those who some call, perhaps for lack of a better term, maximalists, a term which has become somewhat of a dirty word in some circles and on some mailing lists. The focus of the biblicalia list is intended to be academic, with a distinct and explicit favor for the maximalist positions, as we believe these to be better representative of reality than the minimalist positions. However, faith-based and traditional input will decidedly not be derided. All are welcome. If people are interested in learning more about various subjects related to the Bible, no matter how well-schooled they may be, or even if they’re not academically trained at all, then this will be a good place for all of us to discuss things and learn more together.

Hopefully the biblicalia list will be fun, helpful, illuminating, and instructive for everyone all around.

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