1 Clement 1-3

Here are the first three chapters of 1 Clement, which I’ve just translated. My original intent was just to rewrite the ANF/NPNF series versions in more modern English, but a fresh translation is how it’s turning out. I’m trying to maintain the rhetorical tricks in English that are found in the Greek original, where they’re not too un-English. The result is coming along nicely, I think. I’d like to know what you think, dear readers!

(1.1) The Church of God sojourning at Rome, to the Church of God sojourning at Corinth, those called and made holy through the will of God, through our Lord Jesus Christ. Grace and peace to you be multiplied from Almighty God through Jesus Christ.

Dearest brethren, because of the recent and many disastrous events which have happened to us, we feel we have been somewhat tardy in shifting our attention to the points regarding which you consulted us. This is especially the case regarding that shameless and despicable rebellion, utterly abhorrent to the chosen of God, which some few impetuous and arrogant persons have stirred up into such a frenzy that your venerable and illustrious name, worthy of the love of all, is now instead cursed.

(1.2) For who has lived even for only a short time among you that didn’t find your faith to be as fruitful in virtue as when it was first established? Who has not admired the prudence and gentleness of your piety in Christ? Who has not wondered at your usual magnificent hospitality? And who has not rejoiced over your perfect and secure knowledge?

(1.3) For you did all things impartially, and proceeded in the laws of God, obedient to your rulers, and showing proper respect for the elders (presbyters) among you. You encouraged your young men toward self-restraint and dignity. You taught your women (wives) to do all things blamelessly, dignified, and in pure conscience, having appropriate affection for their men (husbands), living in the rule of obedience. You taught them to manage household possessions honorably, in all prudence.

(2.1) In everything you were humble rather than boasting, subjecting yourselves rather than subjecting others, gladly giving rather than taking. Content with the journey provisions of Christ, and carefully attentive to his words, storing them away deep inside you, you kept His Passion before your eyes.

(2.2) Thus a deep and abundant peace was given to you all, and you had an insatiable desire to do good, and a full outpouring of the Holy Spirit was upon you all.

(2.3) Full of holy counsel, in great goodwill with godliness, you stretched out your hands to the Almighty God, beseeching him to be merciful if you had unknowingly sinned.

(2.4) You agonized day and night for the whole brotherhood to save the (full) number of His chosen ones in mercy and conscience.

(2.5) You were pure and innocent, and forgiving toward one another.

(2.6) Each rebellion and every schism was abominable to you. You grieved over the transgressions of your neighbors, judging their shortcomings your own.

(2.7) You never held back from any good deed, being eager for every good work.

(2.8) Adorned in a most excellent and honorable citizenship, you accomplished all in the fear of Him, the commandments and ordinances of the Lord being written on the tablets of your hearts.

(3.1) Every honor and growth was granted to you, and it was fulfilled what was written, “My beloved ate and drank and grew and became fat and kicked.”

(3.2) From this came jealousy and envy, and discord and rebellion, persecution and disorder, battle and captivity.

(3.3) Thus were aroused the dishonorable against the honorable, the inglorious against the glorious, the imprudent against the prudent, the young against the old.

(3.4) For this, righteousness and peace have gone far from you, in that each of you has left behind the fear of God, and become dim in faith in Him, neither proceeding in the laws, His commandments, nor conducting oneself according to what is proper to Christ. Rather, each walks according to the desire of his heart, taking up wicked envy, unjust and impious, through which death entered into this world.


  1. Excellent! More translating of those Apostolic Fathers is good. Out of curiousity, which Greek text are you translating from? I’ll be posting a link on ricoblog shortly. Thanks for this!

  2. Thanks, Rick! It’s just the Lightfoot text in Bibleworks. Either this text is vastly different from that used by the ANF translator, or he was (how should one phrase it?) somewhat creative in his translation.

  3. Hello I am searching for the greek text of other new testament books to see if they should still be canon as they might have been like 1 and 2 Clement, and Barnabas. I am happy someone else out there is translating as well. I am making my own Bible Version incorporating lost books, chapters and verses using Textual Criticism from Immanuel Tov as well as my own criticism. I wish to use both Septuagint versions (Vaticanus and Alexandrinus), the Modern Masoretic Hebrew (BHS) along with Ancient Scribal pictural Hebrew, and the Aramaic Targumim for the OLd Testament. And then as much of this as transfers over to the new testament with the Greek Stephanus and Codex Alexandrinus texts expounded in english of the new as well putting back in there 1 and 2 Clement, Epistle to |Barnabas and Epistle to the Laodiceans, if after i have examined these last 4 greek texts to get accurate english! It will be a long road with my little actual knowledge of Greek and modern Hebrew as far as verb form and all the rules of morphology, and syntax. Plus I have no one else out here in Columbus Ohio who loves God’s Word. Anyone interested in helping in anyway or funding this needed project in these last days of faith when persecution and God’s judgment are on the rise in this nation of America!! We might not have internet too much longer either with corrupt government going in the direction of Anti Christ’s!!! here is a sample of a change found in LXX -Alexandrinus : Daniel 12:4 should say “And you oh Daniel, conceal and hide as secret, the words and orders of God’s commandments and impress an authoritative seal making authentic this scroll until time ends in completion while under the conditions when many people recover from the madness of turning away into Apostasy. And many of those people will be multiplied in the desires of the flesh, struck by God to be deprived of light, cloaked in darkness. The lands of the earth with unrighteous injustice in their hearts, depriving those people of what belongs to them, as the knowledge of cunning and evil will increase! Here is one from the Aramaic Targumim Pseudo Jonathan in Genesis 4:26 ” And to Sheth also was born a son, and he called his name Enosh. That was the generation in whose days they began to err, and to make themselves idols, and surnamed their idols by the name of the Word of the Lord.” Here is the meaning of the word “Holy” (Qadesh) in Ancient Hebrew “At the end of time when the sun is on the horizon, entering the doorway made of sacrificed flesh and blood draped over a wooden pole that destroys you with cleansing fire! Email me for more excellent samples of ancient info left out of all of the english texts!!! Aigfan@hotmail.com Be blessed!!!!!

  4. Patrick, you should get the new edition of Michael Holmes’ bilingual Apostolic Fathers, here. It has the best Greek text for 1-2 Clement, Barnabas, etc.

    As to the rest, good luck. That’s an awful lot of work for one person.

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